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How it works

Pipeline video inspection is a form of telepresence used to visually inspect the interiors of pipelines, plumbing systems and others. It can be a manually pushed system or an automatic one that shows real time imaging on an external monitor.

Cameras are inserted on plumbing for in door use or into manhole for sewer inspection on roads. Our technician will pay attention to any crack, joint, faulty connection or any other things that may be in the pipeline.

During the videoinspection a digital video file is produced and given to the customer. Additionally photos of the most interesting parts and an accurate record with information about depth, length and other measurement is made.


Our system

Thanks to our iPEK Agilios system along with PTP50 camera we are able to make accurate reports with precise measurement and mapping of cracks, fessures, holes, obstacles, faulty connections and much more using Laser Touch technology.

In  particular, we can do video inspection of pipelines from diameter of 56mm:​

  • bathrooms and kitchen plumbings

  • building drainage system and plumbings

  • connections

  • downspouts

  • flues and chimneys

  • municipal sewers

  • sewers for new buildings

  • walled pipes

  • underground pipes

  • drainpipes

  • waterways and canals

  • etc.


Videoinspection advantages

The main advantage of using pipeline video inspection is that it is a non-destructive form of testing.

It can be viewed as a sort of endoscopy for a precise diagnosis of the pipeline condition.

Other advantages are:

  • Rapidity of the operation

  • Precise identification of all the anomalies

  • Simplify any targeted repair

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